Punishment in kindergarten

Punishment in kindergarten today the world is a little more my own. No need to remember the pain A blue-frocked women caused, throwing Words at me like pots and pans, to drain That honey-cultured day of peace ‘Why don’t you join the others, what A peculiar child you are!’

On the lawn, in clusters, sat my schoolmates sipping Sugar cane, they turned and laughed; Children are funny things, they laugh In mirth at others, tears, I buried My face in the sun-warmed hedge And smelt the flowers and the pain.

The words are muffled now, the laughing Faces only a blur. The years have Sped along, stopping briefly At beloved halts and moving Sadly on. My mind has found An adult peace. No need to remember That picnic day when I lay hidden By a hedge, watching the steel-white sun Standing lonely in the sky.

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