Real and Fake

Real and Fake Minnu is a sweet, lovable and beautiful girl, aged six years. She is an adorable kid as she obeys every word of the elders. Minnu’s parents loved her for her amazing behavior.
One day her mother took her to grocery shopping. As they passed the shops, Minnu noted a cute plastic pearl necklace in dazzling pink! She asked her mother to buy her the necklace. Her mother told her it cost a few pennies and she asked her to do some chores, so that for every completed work Minnu will get some money and she could buy the pink necklace.
Minnu prepared a to-do list and assisted her mom with all the chores. Her mom was so happy and she paid enough money to buy the pink necklace.
Minnu happily purchased the desired necklace and wore it just everywhere, every time, except while taking bath. Her mom told that her neck would turn pink and the pearls would lose its sheen if she wore it while bathing.
She wore it even while sleeping.
Minnu was known for her kindness and respect to elders. Her dad wanted to play with her. Her daddy used to tell her bed time stories frequently.
One day, after completing a story, her dad asked how much she loved him. Minnu replied, ‘you know how much I love you’.
Dad asked, ‘Then give me your pearl necklace please!’
Minnu replied, ‘Please daddy, I love you so much but please don’t ask pearls. I will give you the pink Barbie which you bought me a month ago.’
Dad replied, ‘Fine sweetheart.’ and left.
After a few days, the same conversation was held between Minnu and her dad.
Again, Minnu refused to give her pearl necklace and instead asked her dad to take her pet.
Dad kissed her and left with smile.
This conversation was repeated several times.

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