The Rich Man’s Will

The rich man’s will, there was once a rich man. He had two sons. They were not good boys. They quarreled with each other most of the time. They were rude to their mother and disrespectful towards their father. One day the rich man fell ill and his doctors told him that he had not long to line. He sent for his two sons.
He said, He cannot make up his mind who will be his hair. One week after my death, I want you to start riding towards the capital. The one whose horse arrives these last shall inherit all my wealthy and the winner may not share with the loser. When their father had been dead for a week, the two brothers got on their horses. They set off very slowly towards the capital.

The Rich Man’s Will

After a whole month they traveled about a mile. At the end of the second month they had still traveled less then two miles. Neither of them wanted to take the lead. They continued their race in the hope of the finding a solution.
One day they came to a small village. They told their story to the villagers. Among the villagers there was a bright eyed old man with a long beard. He smiled and said, your father was a very clever man, but he did not want your punishment to last your whole life. He knew that there was a very simple solution to your problem. Do you mean to say that you can tell us how to Finish this race quickly? asked the two brothers.
Certainly he replied. Then he spoke two words. No sooner had the old man spoken the words then they left on to the horses and rode away as fast as they could. What were the two words spoken by the old man? If you cannot solve this problem you will find the two words at the bottom of this page.


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